"BMG delivers… on time… on budget… a rarity!"

      — Director of Program Management, Medical Device Manufacturer


"BMG makes my job easier!"

      — Director of Technology Assessment, Fortune 50 Medical Products Company


"BMG really put us through our paces!"

      — Director, Instrument Business Group, Contract Development Services Company


"BMG’s services have been extremely valuable to us… in a number of different areas."

      — Vice President, Operations, Start-Up Medical Device Company


"BMG was able to come up to speed immediately in a hostile environment, diagnose and solve the problems at our contract manufacturer, and get our program back on schedule. The space craft would not have launched on time without BMG’s invaluable assistance."

      — Director of Manufacturing, Aerospace Contractor


"It’s a pleasure to work with technical people who have functioning right brains."

      — Marketing Manager, Medical Diagnostics Company


"It amazes me how much information BMG is able to take in, based on a few short phone calls, and then feed back to us an extremely well done proposal."

      — Senior Manufacturing Manager, Medical Device Development Company


"BMG provided the framework / structure for our instrument program… they removed the ambiguity from our plans… everything that they have done for us is outstanding!"

      — Vice President Operations, Start-Up BioTech / Molecular Diagnostics Company


"One of the most important qualifiers I have for just about anything is sizing up the 'Trail Boss' because that is what the project will be like. It will take on his/her personality. Both Bruce and Pam are excellent 'Trail Bosses', and I’d recommend either of them anytime, anywhere.


Every cross functional team has its characters, and bringing out the best in them to achieve focused goals requires the human skills that often transcend technical issues. BMG has a special talent for bringing out the best in the people they work with and the teams they lead."

      — Advisory Board Member, Medical Device Group