CASE STUDY: P&L Project Coordination / Supplier Management





A medical device company lacked the internal resources to develop product packaging and labeling for a new patient monitoring product. The client contracted with BMG to provide Project Management leadership and the necessary technical and logistical support to coordinate development and then implementation of packaging designs across a complex supply chain involving multiple contract manufacturers.





BMG conducted interviews of potential product user groups to thoroughly define product packaging and labeling requirements, and researched regulatory guidelines that needed to be satisfied. Following the client’s established Design Control process, BMG generated the appropriate Design Input documentation.

BMG identified suppliers to develop the various necessary packaging elements, and oversaw the design, production, validation and implementation of product packaging and labeling across the multi-tiered supply chain.

BMG worked with client and suppliers to implement and track changes to product packaging that became necessary to support evolution of the core product design.





BMG’s project planning and meticulous oversight during implementation assured that product packaging and labeling components were available as needed to support the client’s production schedules, relieving internal client resources of the burden of this phase of the project and freeing them to focus on other, core development priorities.



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