CASE STUDY: Business Process Development





An emerging medical product company, planning for their expansion into the device manufacturing arena, had procured a mid-level Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) software system. Reluctant to pull internal staff away from ongoing product development efforts, the company engaged BMG as a short-term resource to assist them with developing the necessary supporting business processes.

With the ERP software already purchased and scheduled for installation, this assignment came to us with a pre-established, highly visible – and ambitious – goal for project completion.





BMG met with the client and their ERP software supplier to define and prioritize the business processes to be developed, and to clearly understand the interfaces needed between the business processes and the software. We formulated a plan and a schedule for achieving the goal set by executive management for project completion.

We then organized and executed fact-finding workshops to identify and clarify existing practices that already existed, and to obtain client design input into the functional framework for the processes that needed to be created. The format and scheduling of these workshops were designed to minimize their impact on day-to-day operations.

Armed with this background material, we were able to work independently to define, design and develop the balance of business processes, and create the necessary procedural documentation and user training materials. Once completed, the processes were reviewed with key managers to obtain their approval and support. We also organized and conducted the user training sessions.

BMG provided advisory support to the client and the software supplier during actual system implementation.





Business processes were developed, procedure documentation was in place, and user training was completed in time to satisfy the schedule set by the executive management team..



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